Privacy Policy for Zoom8 Worlds 2018

This privacy statement describes the processing of personal data in competitor register by Lohjan Purjehtijat r.y. (Lohja Sailing Club) for Zoom 8 Worlds 2018 competition.


Lohjan purjehtijat r.y., Nuottatie 1, 08100 Lohja.

The Data Protection Officer is Kari Sinivuori, Chairman of the Lohja Sailing Club,

Competition Register

The following information on registration of competitions organized by Lohja Sailing Club will be collected in the competition register:

First name, last name, year of birth, gender, team,  country, email address, t-shirt size, sail number

Support Boat register

The following information on registration of competitions organized by Lohja Sailing Club will be collected in the Competition Support register:

First name, last name, names of the supported sailor(s), support boat type or identification, Mobile phone number

Registration information is kept for a maximum of two years.

We publish the following information in the participant and result lists, in addition to the LP's internet pages, in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

First name, last name, club, sail number, result in the race, gender

Participants and result lists Lohja Sailing Club is retaining for the time being.


 Protection of data, transfer of data and transfers

The entry information is stored in Google Drive.  Access to the competitor register is protected by the most appropriate technical and organizational safeguards, such as access restrictions and passwords, and limit access to physical facilities.

Lohja Sailing Club may disclose the personal information of a competitor to third parties only in the situations described in this brochure. Lohja Sailing Club may transfer personal data to service providers and subcontractors who process personal data at the order of Lohja Sailing Club.

In addition to the foregoing, personal data may also be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the person, provided that the law or authority order obligates disclosure.

Registered Rights

If you have given your information to the competition, you can request a composite file from your personal information, including any personal information which you have given us. You can also request the removal of your personal information. The right to delete your personal information does not apply to personal information that we need to maintain for reasons of legitimate, legal or security issues. Delivery of information Verificators' comments may be reviewed through an automated spam protection service.


More information about Google Drive and GDPR